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Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo EV could light up battery-powered sports car market

The all-new Taycan Cross Turismo could well emerge as the next big highlight from Porsche, complete with a battery pack that lends it the same capabilities of any other Porsche on the road.

Carrying the DNA of the iconic 911, this is the luxury carmaker's first Cross Utility Vehicle (CUV). This five-door electric sports car has the perfect seasonings of both Porsche's classic driving dynamics with high-tech chassis which give this electric car the ability to explore off-beaten roads.

In terms of design, the flat headlights with vertical air intakes make it a member of the iconic Taycan family. The flat front with curved wings and a downward sloping roofline towards the rear give the EV a more versatile and robust look.

Porsche says the Taycan Cross Turismo EV can offer something to every adventure aficionado. Creating space for diving, golfing, surfing or cycling equipment was high on the list of requirements, said the brand.

As such, Taycan Cross Turismo EV claims to have almost 1,200 litres of luggage when the rear seatbacks are folded down. Cycling enthusiasts can mount their bicycles, roughly, where the exhaust pipes are located. And guess what, one can mount up to three e-bicycles on this rack.

The former head of the Tycan model range Stefan Weckbach said that the company wanted to attract people who wanted a versatile EV in every possible way. “We want to attract people who are looking for a versatile and fully electric companion for everyday life, but also for travel and leisure adventures," he said.

The electric vehicle also offers an all-wheel-drive, air suspension and a standard performance battery plus common in the Turismo models. It can accelerate up to 1.2 times faster than the force of gravity and can sprint to 100 kmph in three seconds. The two electric motors on the front and rear axles have actuated synchronous machines and together mobilise a system output of up to 560 kW.

The electric sports car's adaptive air suspension is height-adjustable, and there is a gravel mode for poor surfaces also. “Combining the requirements in terms of sportiness with off-road capability was the biggest development challenge," said Weckbach.

The panoramic glass roof creates an additional feeling of space.

Weckbach added that the CUV is an electric sports car with the long-distance comfort of a sedan and has nearly as much space like an SUV.

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