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We need new mobility and new logistics, we need them now

A matter of urgency

The world is changing rapidly

Developing new technology and planning and building infrastructure takes time, as does changing people’s behaviour. It’s never too early to think about the future but it is sometimes too late. Now is time to act and take digitisation, decarbonisation and disruption seriously – it will pay off!


Time of adoption

It takes time for smart infrastructure to be created and smart development is needed. Supporting regulation is needed to facilitate its implementation and active adoption.


Dealing with the future

Hypermotion takes a multimodal and holistic approach to deal with the future. When talking about the future of mobility, we are particularly focused on the automotive sector. E-mobility requires clean energy to meet the climate change challenge head-on. Renewable energies will see the introduction of new players, new business models and new inventions. Sector coupling is one of the hot topics we must address, if we want to permanently reduce the carbon footprint of the mobility and logistic sectors. There is no better place to talk about this than during Hypermotion in Dubai as the UAE is a lab for green energy solutions in the region.


Hypermotion Dubai: world-wide focus due to Expo 2020

The organisers of World Expo have confirmed Hypermotion is ideal for UAE and will be supporting and promoting the event through their calendar of events. The theme of Expo perfectly aligns with Hypermotion – opportunity to connect sustainability and mobility. Mobility means individual freedom and logistics, ultimately creating a pathway to economic wealth. The platform Hypermotion provides enables participants to experience world-class concepts, solutions and systems, from urban air mobility to on-demand shuttles, urban logistics, global supply chains and the future of public transportation systems.


Access to world-class infrastructure

The UAE has been investing heavily and developing world-class transport and logistics infrastructure. This investment will help facilitate the country’s ever greater integration with the fast emerging markets of the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Hypermotion will support this, by addressing the key issues and help foster a collaborative approach, which will accelerate the competitiveness of the whole region.