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Top challenges facing private mobility companies

The world is changing fast. We need new mobility and new logistics, we need them now

Challenge 1: Remaining competitive.

Global markets are in transition. New systems, products and solutions are transforming the mobility and logistics landscape. It is crucial for private companies, if they wish to remain competitive, to stay informed on the latest innovations and anticipate future trends. They need to take an active part in the interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge as well as understanding the development of appropriate solutions (for the challenges of tomorrow).


Challenge 2: The chessboard is being redefined. New players, new rules.

New players are entering the market, new rules are being established. Big data, digital infrastructures and connected platforms offer even more new opportunities for disruptive business models. Therefore today’s products and services have to be aligned with what the future market needs (and defined by digitalisation, decarbonisation & disruption).


Challenge 3: Knowledge transfer and network.

With continued disruption impacting mobility and logistic sectors in particular, strong networks are crucial to future proof new solutions. The participation of private companies at Hypermotion allows them to build a strong network and participate in shaping the future – and interact with experts from scientific and governmental institutions. This is also referred to as the triple helix approach in cluster theory.


So what’s next?

The global chessboard is being re-defined. Smart infrastructure and technology are now the key enablers.

We are seeing a rapid change in the logistics and mobility markets worldwide. More than 60% of start-ups in Silicon Valley are focused on new solutions in these areas. There are new players, new rules and new opportunities. Innovation and smart infrastructure will increasingly be the distinguishing factors when judging the competitiveness of cities, regions and nations.


The digitalisation of mobility and logistics has changed and created limitless new possibilities.

Hypermotion is unique. The focus of the event is on the top 10 % of innovations across all transport modes. Participants across industries convene to hear cutting edge content, see the latest products, concepts and solutions, as well as network and exchange knowledge. The event merges previously disparate communities in mobility, logistics, aviation, infrastructure and technology into a single future-oriented network. It has been tested in Frankfurt and it works. Now it is time to spread the news.