Hypermotion Dubai - Digital Logistics Conference

Scalex Conference - Supply Chain and Logistics Excellence

Faster, cheaper and now.

New perspectives and innovative new systems are needed to make the digital logistic networks of tomorrow faster, safer, more transparent, and more sustainable.

Hypermotion Dubai is designed to focus on the interface between mobility and logistics. Companies across the whole supply-chain are looking to improve their operations by intelligently leveraging new digital technologies and processes to improve efficiencies and reduce delivery costs

The content will showcase the digital logistic landscape of tomorrow and a particular focus will be placed on the quest for ever-efficient last mile delivery.

Key themes to be covered, include:

  • Port Projects: building and upgrading port facilities and the creation of environmentally sustainable facilities
  • The potential of asset-sharing to shape the logistics sector (unlocking unused capacity in capital intensive assets - trucks, warehousing, ships)
  • UAE’s ambition to be a global go-to destination for blockchain adoption
  • New supply chain and logistics business models to support industry 4.0

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