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Podcast Series

Podcast 1: Accelerating opportunities for women in the digital age

Hypermotion Dubai - Podcast episode 1 Accelerating opportunities for women in the digital age

A challenging world is an alert world and from challenge comes change. This International Women’s Day we welcome Hoda A. Alkhzaimi Director, Centre for Cyber Security, NYU Abu Dhabi. President, Emirates Digital Association for Women and listen to her journey on becoming an industry pioneer in tech!

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The smartest Emiratis are the ones who embrace the opportunity to contribute to their country. These are people who have been able to figure out what needs to be done, and how they can use their intelligence and skills to make a difference. Hoda Al Khzaimi believes knowledge is power, and she has the drive to help preserve the pristine beauty of her native Fujairah with regular beach clean ups, as well as the brains to use her PhD in cryptanalysis to help her country achieve even more (she is the director of cyber security at NYU in Abu Dhabi). She sees her responsibility as an Emirati woman. She said earlier this year: “Women [in the UAE] have always been encouraged to seek knowledge and contribute to the direct welfare of the community”.

Podcast 2: UAE’s growing ecommerce sector

Hypermotion Dubai - Podcast episode 2 UAE’s growing ecommerce sector

Dubai's ecommerce strategy aims to consolidate the emirate’s status as a global logistics hub and accelerate opportunities for online commercial growth.

Opportunities for global e-commerce have come to the fore during the coronavirus pandemic when more shoppers have gone online as bricks and mortar shops were forced to close.

Core to this strategy is Dubai’s South’s e-commerce zone EZDubai which is being developed to provide a purpose built hub to attract the world’s leading e-commerce companies to set up operations in Dubai.Dubai's ecommerce strategy aims to consolidate the emirate’s status as a global logistics hub and accelerate opportunities for online commercial growth.


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Mohsen oversees Dubai South’s entire Logistics District and was instrumental in setting up the Free Zone and the establishment of the Dubai Logistics Corridor (which connects Jebel Ali Port with Al Maktoum International Airport in a single custom-bonded zone).

Podcast 3: Turning the vision into reality, urban air mobility

Hypermotion Dubai - Podcast episode 3 Turning the vision into reality, urban air mobility

With the unprecedented developments in urban air mobility, we know that the future is here already! Tune in for a thought-provoking podcast with Achim Kostron, Chief Commercial Officer at D3 Technologies as he tells us all about the challenges faced, and opportunities unveiled by the global urban air mobility industry.

“Turning the vision into reality, the urban air mobility of the future needs a reliable traffic guidance system: challenges and opportunities”

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Achim has a decade of consulting experience in the mobility industry. As Managing Director of DTM he led the turn-around & commercial growth of the race series.

Podcast 4: Transportation of the future - Hyperloops

Hypermotion Dubai - Podcast episode 4 Transportation of the future - Hyperloops

Listen to our podcast with Martin Johann Frohlich, CEO- Mother Earth, where the discussion will be about how hyperloop, a futuristic engineering initiative, is designed to send elevated passenger pods through tubes using magnetic fields, allowing people to travel even faster than modern airplanes from city-to-city. This interview will also focus on what developments we can expect next, and discuss the transformative impact that the technology will have on the mobility & logistics sector over the next decade.

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Martin is an Entrepreneur & Startup Mentor (CEO, Mother Earth) and Industry Consultant (Senior Manager, Deutsche Bahn). He manages and implements disruptive business models designed to effectively develop future mobility related solutions (air taxis, hyperloops & autonomous hotel rooms). Martin has been a regular expert contributor to the Hypermotion Frankfurt event since the show was launched.

Podcast 5: Opportunities in the Commercial Drone market

Hypermotion Dubai - Podcast episode 5 Opportunities in the Commercial Drone market

Hear about the latest developments in the drone eco-system and how the international market is evolving/ growing. The increasing uptake amongst logistics providers, FMCG companies and retailers for commercial drones will be focused on in particular.

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Evgeny is Founder & Chief Executive Officer of UVL Robotics Inc. (which offers Drone-based & AI logistics solutions). The company has its HQ in US, R&D center in CIS and sales offices located in Turkey, Middle East and Europe.

Podcast 6: The Future of Autonomous Vehicles

Hypermotion Dubai - Podcast episode 6 The Future of Autonomous Vehicles

This interview will discuss what the next-phase of development for the automotive industry looks like for future focused cites like Dubai. In particular how will self-driving cars technology be successfully integrated and implemented into the region’s existing road network.

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Dr. Georges Aoude is CEO and co-founder of Derq, an award-winning MIT-spinoff with a mission to eliminate road accidents and save lives. Dr. Aoude holds a Ph.D. and M.S. in Aerospace Engineering from MIT, where he worked closely with NASA, US Navy, and Ford. His expertise includes autonomous & connected technologies and intelligent transportation systems.

Podcast 7: Enabling Seamless Trade and Logistics Operations Across The World

Hypermotion Dubai - Podcast episode 7 Enabling Seamless Trade and Logistics Operations Across The World

AI is powering the trade and logistics industry and Shipsy are helping global organizations accelerate business growth enhancing customer experiences. Join us as we chat with Soham Chokshi, CEO and Co-founder of Shipsy discussing the latest technologies changing the way we move goods. We will also learn more about what you can expect from their participation at Hypermotion Dubai.

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Soham Chokshi is the CEO and Co-founder of Shipsy, the industry’s first Smart Logistics Management Platform. Under his supervision, the company has rapidly blossomed into a leading SaaS-based solution provider dedicated to reducing logistics costs and improving on-time delivery of goods through its pioneering ‘Bloomberg for supply chain’ model.

Podcast 8: Ports of The Future

Hypermotion Dubai - Podcast 8 Ports of the future

It is estimated that over 50% of new greenfield port projects over the next 5 years will be automated or semi-automated (McKinsey).

For the GCC, the ports industry is a strategic sector, with container penetration more than six times that of the world average. The region’s state of the art infrastructure and location, as a key transshipment gateway between Europe and Asia, has enabled port operators to play a vital role in global maritime trade.

The content of this webinar will focus on the effective implementation of industry 4.0 technologies by port authorities across the region, as operators look to remain relevant and meet customers increasing demands for more efficient supply chain solutions.

Key talking points to be addressed will cover:

  • Championing the next generation of efficient and connected ports
  • Unlocking industry 4.0 technologies to transform operational, security and environmental ecosystems
  • Embracing the implementation of port community systems to enhance trade facilitation
  • Case studies from across the GCC

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Richard was appointed as Secretary-General of the European Port Community Systems Association EPCSA (now IPCSA). He supports international organisations (UN, WCO, WHO, WTO, ICAO, World Bank, IMO etc.) on trade facilitation & digitalization.

Podcast 9: Developments in cold storage & warehousing

Hypermotion Dubai - Podcast 9 Developments in cold storage & warehousing

A discussion focused on the enhanced logistics capabilities offered by AD Ports Group, with a particular focus on the technology underpinning it’s cold storage and warehousing facilities.

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Robert Sutton, who heads up AD Ports Group’s Logistics Cluster, is a results-driven and customer-focused business leader. Robert brings more than 20 years of experience across traditional, multi-modal, and digital supply chains spanning the MENA region, Asia, and Europe.

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