Industry Workshops

Powering the future of mobility

Is hydrogen the answer to delivering long-term sustainable transportation?

Interest in hydrogen-inspired mobility solutions is growing rapidly and it is an energy source which is expected to make a significant contribution to the fuel mix of the future.

It’s wider application & adoption has been identified as a key enabler in the transition to a net-zero world by 2050 (it’s prized by policymakers and businesses alike for enhancing energy security and reducing oil dependency and greenhouse gas emissions)

This industry workshop, brought to you by Hypermotion Dubai, is designed to assess the deployment of hydrogen related disruptive technologies and processes, which have the potential to transform the region’s future mobility landscape in the coming decades

Key talking points to be addressed will cover:

  • Overview of future projects and investment plans related to green hydrogen production
  • Outlining the latest progress in low-carbon related transport tech and processes 
  • Scaling-up demand to match the investment in hydrogen infrastructure (the role of regulation & incentives)
  • Showcasing regional expertise and R&D projects