Hypermotion Dubai is excited to host 3 days of bespoke content, which will include relevant presentations from leading data scientists, engaging competitions, workshops and brainstorming sessions.

How does it work?

This will be a platform to bring together some of the world’s leading data scientists to solve critical problems in the mobility, logistics & transport sectors. It offers an ideal partnership opportunity for any organization seeking to deliver practical and tangible solutions. Sponsorship of the hackathon  provides you with successful data-led outcomes.

The Hypermotion Dubai Hackathon is recognized as one of the defining features of the event. 

Plan of action

Hypermotion Dubai - Day 1

Full day of trainings and workshops led by data scientists

Hypermotion Dubai - Day 2

9 hour Hackathon where the data scientists are solving a real problem

Hypermotion Dubai - Day 3

Presentations, networking and match making with the data scientists and sponsors