The rise in on-demand mobility and MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service)


Wednesday 24th February
12pm UAE/ GST


Transport and mobility is evolving. 

The MaaS concept provides an alternative way to move more people and goods in a way that is faster, cleaner, and less expensive than current options. Embracing new mobility models can transform even the most inflexible transport, mobility or logistics network into one that is dynamic, effective and ‘fit-for purpose’. Watch the replay to learn about the very latest digital technologies being adopted to enable transport and city planners to make the very most of their infrastructure.

Key talking points that were covered:

  1. Identifying and interpreting megatrends reshaping the mobility landscape (social, economic & technological)
  2. What does the disruption of mobility actually look like? 
  3. Top trends that will drive the MaaS market over the next decade.

Hear from:

Hypermotion Dubai - Michael Granoff

Michael Granoff
Managing Partner, Maniv Mobility

Michael Granoff is founder and Managing Director of Maniv Mobility, a venture capital fund based in Tel Aviv which invests globally in startup companies at the intersection of transportation and technology. Maniv manages $150 million over two funds. In November 2020, Maniv became the first Israeli fund to invest in a technology start-up in the UAE following the normalization between the countries.

Hypermotion Dubai - Edward Forrester

Edward Forrester
Future Mobility Lead & Deputy Cities Lead, Mott MacDonald

Edward Forrester is the Future Mobility Lead and Deputy Cities Lead for Mott MacDonald in the Middle East. His strong Civil Engineering and Transport background and passion for technology and sustainability have given him the ideal balance for understanding and applying existing principles to new, exciting and emerging transport technologies. He has worked on numerous projects in the UAE (and wider GCC).

Hypermotion Dubai - Edward Forrester

Jaideep Dhanoa,
Co-founder and CEO, FENIX

Jaideep is the Co-founder and CEO of FENIX.  The company launched its micro-mobility service in November 2020 and now operates in 4 cities in the UAE and Qatar. The mission of the business is to unleash urban potential and propel communities forward.

Hypermotion Dubai - Thomas Wolf

Thomas Wolf
COO, Hacon

Thomas Wolf is COO at Hacon. Prior to joining the business, Thomas served as COO for INIT Inc. (based out of Seattle, Washington). Headquartered in Hanover, Germany, Hacon provides cutting-edge software solutions for public transportation, mobility and logistics.